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The site www.stagework.org represents a great place to start your exploration of the term 'drama fun'.

The award-winning Stagework website uses the very latest in online technology to inspire and engage its users. In order to give a clear picture of the processes of theatre, the site looks behind the scenes of putting on a play. Stagework looks at the people, the processes, following the play's journey to the stage.

The site offers a huge amount of information for anyone wishing to increase their understanding of theatre as a potential career path. It has a range of innovative features which will appeal to first-time users starting an investigation into theatrical production. The website's groundbreaking approach is likely to inspire discussion on a variety of highly topical issues. The website offers clear examples of how theatrical productions from centuries ago reflect the situations we encounter in this day and age.

The stagework.org website offers a variety of information to help further your studies into 'drama fun'. If you're interested in theatre and want to deepen your understanding of exactly how a performance is created, www.stagework.org is the site for you.

The vast array of interactive activities available at www.stagework.org will capture the imagination of people, who may never have experienced theatre before. Stagework also shows rehearsal diaries and a blog page, as well as video interviews with cast, creative and technical teams. As a whole, the Stagework website uncovers the reality of what it means to work professionally in the theatre industry. To make sure there's something for everyone the website features a variety of other features to engage visitors, such as interactive games. The website even offers its visitors the chance to direct a scene online.

On top of being very attractive to theatre lovers the website represents a huge source of information for people in the field of education. At stagework.org, you will discover an almost infinite array of anecdotes, insider tips and other information which will deepen your understanding.*

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