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Stagework provides a unique resource which will be of huge benefit to your examination of the term 'theatre games'.

At Stagework, you'll find a website which uses the very latest in online technology to seize the imagination of its users. Dedicated to providing an insight into the processes of theatre, the site covers every element involved in theatre, as an industry. It allows users to look at each element involved in theatrical production, all the way through to the actual performance of the play.

Stagework is a vital source of information for those with an interest in theatre and the way it works. The website is very user friendly and accessible making it a great place to embark upon a research project into theatre. The way Stagework explores things will stimulate debate and discussion surrounding a range of current issues. The topics explored on the website show clearly how theatrical productions from centuries ago reflect the situations we encounter in this day and age.

The website offers a good source of information which will be very useful to your research into 'theatre games'. If you enjoy theatrical productions and are intrigued to know exactly what goes into making a performance happen, is a great source of information.

The vast array of interactive activities on the Stagework website are likely to stimulate the interest of visitors of all abilities. The site also features a regularly updated blog page, rehearsal diaries and interviews with the various people involved in theatrical production. Stagework offers a great service because it offers visitors a clear picture of what it would be like to follow a career path in this enigmatic industry. In addition to offering a valuable insight into the industry the site has a wide variety of exciting interactive games to have a go at. The website even offers its visitors the chance to have a go at directing a scene online.

On top of being very attractive to theatre lovers the website offers a tremendous amount of content for those working in education. The website provides visitors with an Aladdin's Cave of information which will undoubtedly inspire you in your exploration.*

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