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The behind-the-scene story from page to stage with exclusive video of rehearsal, performance and interviews with the cast, creative and technical teams.

Plot Synopsis 1
Plot Synopsis 2
Rehearsal Diaries
Set Design

Caves, cities, Arctic fortresses, hot-air balloons, courtrooms and a bus stop


The Alethiometer is the most important prop in the plays


Each of the characters in Lyra’s world has a daemon

Costume Design

The 80 characters required more than 250 costumes

Lighting Design

Lighting: the secret language of theatre

Svalbard Rehearsals

Lyra meets the massive armoured bear Iorek Byrnison

Lyra Meets Iorek Rehearsals

Lyra meets the massive armoured bear Iorek Byrnison

Cast Tech Rehearsal

The actors leave the rehearsal room for the Olivier stage

Fight Training

Terry King creates a realistic but safe fight between armoured bears

Lyra Meets Mrs Coulter on Stage

Lyra receives the alethiometer and meets Mrs Coulter

Svalbard on Stage

The scenes at the palace of the armoured bears

Boatman on Stage

Lyra and Will come to the river separating them from the land of the dead

Botanic Gardens on Stage

Where the story begins and ends

Cittagazze on Stage

Will and Lyra discover one another

Interactive Performance

Create your version of a scene involving Lyra and Will

Production Administration
Production Management

Co-ordinating and scheduling every aspect of the physical production


Making people aware of a new production

Stage Technology

Nicholas Hytner used all of the Olivier Theatre's available technology

Crew Tech Rehearsal

A flowing production needs painstaking nerve-wracking technical rehearsal


Sound effects dramatically affect the audience's experience

Costume Fitting

Danny Sapani gets fitted for his armoured bear costume

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